Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kuda- The biggest threat to security?

The death of the former Penang police chief, Datuk Albert Mah, in the attempt to resist the robbers who broke into his house, has rung the alarm and indicated to us how bad crime has become in Malaysia. How more ironic can it be that the once most-feared crime fighter had to die in the hands of a few small-time robbers. However, on the other hand, the recently-appointed CID Director Datuk Christopher Wan is still lingering with Kuda, having announced that the police force has been successfully seizing Mesin Kuda across Malaysia.

Yes. You heard it right. Not Dadah, not Ecstacy, but Kuda. Ever since he stepped up to the post, he has been so relentlessly eradicating gambling machines, as if Kuda has become the most severe threat ever to threaten national security and our people are so addicted to it that it will eventually cause our national defense to weaken, just like what opium did to China in the 18th century. And since Chinese New Year is coming, the police force has been in full alert to catch motorists who breach the traffic law, small time crooks who keep fire crackers at their houses, and gamblers who play Mahjong at 3 a.m. (remember last year's bald shaving case?). Big time robbers and snatch thieves? Haha sorry. Help yourself. You will claim yourself lucky if you don't mess up with police during your long journey back to your hometown.

This reminds me of the prefects of the Victoria Institution back in my secondary years. These jokers caught all types of students for the so-called faults they committed like not wearing name-tags, the hair being slightly longer beyond their foreheads, having a Pallas label at their shoes(!), and bringing highlighters or liquid papers to the school. But if there was ever a serious fighting, you wouldn't even see their shadows passing by the scene, or if you happened to lose something, say, a handphone, and asked for their help, they would conduct a spotcheck on all classrooms but at the end of the day they snatched highlighters, liquid papers, Playboys, walkmans, and even novels (yes, novels, be it decent or indecent, are prohibited), but they would never find you back your handphone. Efficient, huh? This is the moment of truth for you non-Victorians, who might have thought that prefects from the V.I. are elites of the elites. They only catch small-time rule-breakers or Form 1 boys so that they can maintain their self proclaimed dignity (really, nobody really acknowledged them except for themselves). Most of them are there because they happened to be the teachers' pet, or they are of some affluent backgrounds. Having said that, there were also nice people in the Prefects Board back in my time but they were usually of those mild manner types who did not bother about power or political struggle within or outside the Board. But that is of course another story all together.

I'm not saying that the police force is not doing anything to fight crime but I must stress that priorities need to be set. Kuda definitely won't top the list since we mere peasants are more concerned with robbers, snatch thieves and rapists who are apparently getting more brutal and fierce. Malaysians are constantly living under double paranoia that he/she may mess up with police or criminals, both for the wrong reasons. It turns out that small peasants like us are the greatest victim under the existing legal enforcement. Why is this so?

Having said that, kudos to them for solving the robbery case which happened at Subang Jaya within 2 days. But sincerely the Royal Police Force can do much more, and much better. Let's hope Datuk Mah did not die in vain, that there will be more protection and security for Malaysian citizens by our police force.

Riot Van by Arctic Monkeys

Up rolled the riot van
And sparked excitement in the boys
But the policemen look annoyed
Perhaps these are ones they should avoid

They got a chase last night from men with truncheon’s dressed in hats
They didn’t do that much wrong, still ran away though for the laugh

“Please just stop talking
Because they won’t find us if you do
Oh those silly boys in blue
Well they won’t catch me and you”

Have you been drinking son, you don’t look old enough to me”
“I’m sorry officer is there a certain age you’re supposed to be?… nobody told me”

Up rolled the riot van
And these lads just wind the coppers up
Ask why they don’t catch proper crooks
Get their address and their name’s took
But they couldn’t care less

He got thrown in the riot van
And all the coppers kicked him in
And there was no way he could win
Just had to take it on the chin


ivan said...

hahaha... i read this entry with interest and guess what? if i may beg to differ on your kuda issue to a certain extent. Firstly, i have to admit that our Commissioner Datuk Wan has a liking to this horses which i think i understand why. Anyway, as compared to the last SAC or Commissioner, Hadi Ho, I think Christopher stands out more than Hadi because either you like it or not, you've to admit that the crime rate during his predecessor's term (if he was) was really high as compared to now. Though i dont have the statistics to prove my words, but this is just my personal view.

As you know, kudas are operated by those people who 'lou pin woon'. Hence, if their operations are being shut, imho, so they will. This might mean it is the end of some social problems such as triad activities? extortions? gang fights? gambling?

Nevertheless, i might be bias on this because i too, have a personal liking to this chap because to me, he has the charisma to lead the force to ensure that we'll not be scared of going out at nights.

Regardless of the bashings that the force have taken because of their selective investagions, i believe that by having musa, wan soo kee, or even karn kam peng, we'll have a better tomorrow.

To digress, i didn't know that the bastards confiscate highlighters too. Anyway, not all of them are bad but most of them are, you know what i'm saying? hahaha.... fuck vipb. fuck chen farn siong.

z-win said...

hey ivan how more ignorant can u be? if kudas are eliminated u think that's the day mobs will stop operating and go back to school? C'mon, get real. i've no qualms against musa, wan and co but i just feel that they need to set their priorities. well i do see some improvement but there's certainly rooms for it, don't u think so?

z-win said...

btw, i did say in my entry that not all prefects were bad, didn't I? Especially these two gentlemen called kuchai and tetek (can't remember what their real names r), they were the best prefects VI have ever had. I wonder what they are doing now. Mat Skodengs, maybe? I really miss these two jokers. Really.

ivan said...

ignorant? maybe i am, maybe i am not. You, yourself admit that there's been changes but i think what you're not happy with is the fact that chris wan said in the paper that he's going on war with those who operate kudas. come on, is it that important to come out from their mouth (in general) that they're on war with the terrorism, gang members as such? long time ago (maybe 3 years), there was a no 2 guy in a land got promoted to be the head of the land and his trbe. Once he becomes the head, he declared a lot of things such as eliminating corruptions, new modern beliefs of his tribe's spirituality, made promises, denied a lot of things including the purchase of thing which can float in the water etc. But he's done nothing to improve the situation, throughout his premiership. In fact, it has been reported that the corruption index of his land has had gone down. So what is your comment on that? does action speak louder than word or vice versa? maybe you'll be more repose if they list out what they should do in the coming months? i.e. to reduce the number of deaths during festive season.

Perhaps im being biased here for defending chris wan for stating that he's going all out to bust the operators but by not declaring what they should do, does not mean that they're not prioritizing (if there's such a word) other criminal activities.

Yes, there is a lot of room for improvement but give them the benefit of the doubt will ya? the jobs that they're doing are not like shooting fish in a barrel. ok, that's all from me. Im very sleepy right now.

Last but not least, fuck vipb

ivan said...

btw... fuck alvin chew. fuck cheak wing kit, fuck fairuz, .... cant remember now. too sleepy. goodnight. oh yeah... fuck raja kohila or whatever his mother fucking dad named him too. most of all, cheak wing kit, alvin chew puki and chen farn siong. oh yeah that mother fucker suresh who got caught using his dick to penetrate into some gal's vagina in the gal's toilet too. all in all, fuck the vipb.

z-win said...

haha fuck u. as my blog title goes: wateva. my dislike to the police force is just like ur dislike to a certain Abdullah, so fuck it. that's y i always fear receiving a comment from u. we're always getting nowhere by arguing. after all, our comments won't make m'sia a better place, will they?

ivan said...

hahah... fuck you too.