Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who's the devil in disguise? Judge by yourself....

If you happen to watch the national television channels, i.e. RTM1 or RTM2, you may have come across a series of commercials demonizing the few rallies (BERSIH, HINDRAF) that took place of late: Protestors were seen resorting in "violence", and in "violence" they mean holding banners and chanting slogans merely. On the below were captions branding protestors as "pengganas" (terrorists). Then a few naive peasants would be "interviewed" and they would typically say rallies disrupt peace and business or some shit like that. At last, the few opposition figures would be shown and again a caption asking audience if they want such "terrorist" leaders.
To which I say: "Poorah!" National TV is supposed to be the government's channel and not BN's but of course in Malaysia government is equivalent to BN. I'm not a hardcore opposition supporter but I feel that enough is enough and stop demonizing those peace rallies and their unarmed supporters. Justice needs to be served and hence I present to you the link to the photos which depict what really happened and which quarter is the real demon. Click here for the Hindraf woes. Just to balance up the power in media war. Lest we forget what the powers that be have done to us rakyat, especially at this point of time when polling date is near.

Please vote wisely!!

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rainbow mushroom said...

if u still pay hope in politics, maybe socialist is the last resort... ;)